Battle of the Bays

A Coastal Conservation Association of California Tournament

Coastal Conservation Association 38 years ago the Coastal Conservation Association was created after drastic commercial overfishing along the Texas coast had decimated redfish and speckled trout populations.  In 2015 the CCA came to California to form the Coastal Conservation Association of California or CCA CAL.

The response from California anglers, according to the leaders of CCA National, has been phenomenal.  There are already 4 chapters in the state.  This is a grass roots member driven organization.

However, organizations like CCA Cal need to be funded.  Executive Director Wayne Kowtow and the Board of Director of CCA CAL has done a great job over the last two years in putting together and funding the fledgling California organization.

Now, local angling legend Jim Salazar, famous for his kayak fishing prowess, has put together a very fun tournament that will help fund CCA CAL.  Jim works for both Promar Ahi and Hobie.  The tournament he has put together is called the Battle of the Bays Kayak Tournament.  It is so named because the tournament will take place on two different days and in two different bays.  On May 6th kayak anglers will fish mission Bay in San Diego and on June 10th kayak anglers will fish Santa Monica Bay in Los Angeles.  On both days there is a 7:00am “Shotgun Start” and a 1:00pm weigh-in.  There is a $60.00 entry fee for…Bass, Catch Photo and release.  There is also a $20.00 Big Fish Side Pot and a First Place  Prize of $500.00, based on a field of 50 anglers.  The Grand Prize is a 4 day fishing trip to Cedros Kayak Fishing which certainly has to be one of the “bucket list” destinations for every kayak angler.

So dust off your paddles or put your Hobie Mirage drive in gear and get down to this two-day tournament on May 6th and June 10th.  You will have a lot of fun, you might win some great prizes and you will be helping CCA CAL….all good things.