The Fred Hall Shows have been an important part of the Fishing, Hunting, Boating, and Outdoor Recreation Travel community in Southern California for almost three-quarters of a century. The 74th annual Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center brought enormous joy to both exhibitors and attendees. Since then we have tried hard to produce the 44th annual Fred Hall Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Unfortunately due to the closure of the Del Mar Fairgrounds we are unable to keep our May dates and circumstances prevent us from being able to announce a firm new date at this time. We are determined to keep trying. Look for us to be back at the fairgrounds in the Fall. Stay updated at to find out more about “ Hall in the Fall”!

The One and Only Fred Hall Shows Enter a New Decade

Usually, after 74 years, some things begin to diminish.  Age has that effect on evolution.  But not on the Fred Hall Shows.  Often the Fred Hall Shows are described as being “better than ever”.  That seems like hyperbole until you look closely at the shows and what they represent.  The Fred Hall Shows celebrate a recreation lifestyle that many of us cherish and that lifestyle is flourishing in our region.  Fishing is great, boating is back to historic levels, people have money to travel again and outdoor recreation is more important than ever.  The Fred Hall Shows expect to have an historic year and if early sign ups are any indication they will certainly be “bigger and better than ever”.

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Hundreds of Seminars and Demonstrations

Between the 3 Fred Hall Shows there will be nearly 700 seminars and workshops presented at the Accurate Main Seminar Stage, the Mammoth Lakes Seminar Stage, the Daiwa Fishing Saltwater Tank, the 805/ Okuma Bass Tank, the Hobie Kayak Fishing Theater, the Costa Sporting Chef Café, the Johnson Hicks Marine Electronics Seminar Room, the Shimano Reel Repair area, Test Drive Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks on the lagoon, Daiwa casting on the lagoon, Deep Blue Learn to Dive pool, new offroad section on the patio, and Daiwa Kids Touch Tanks. Nearly 400 seminars in Long Beach, 200 in San Diego and 100 in Bakersfield.

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