Bill Varney, The Light Line Surf Fishing Guy… at Hall Show

Bill Varney has been fishing the local surf with light tackle since the mid 1960’s. He is the author of the popular book appropriately titled “Fish The Surf”. There aren’t too many tricks that he doesn’t know when it comes to catching anything that swims in the nearshore waters off the Southern California coastline.

Bill VarneyOnce again, Bill has agreed to present a series of seminars during the Fred Hall Show designed to teach the basics of catching a wide variety of fish in the surf. His techniques, tackle and fishing hot spots will all be covered. After each seminar, Bill will be available to talk one on one with you about this exciting style of fishing. This is a golden opportunity to learn from one of the guys that pioneered light tackle surf fishing.  Bill will be appearing at the Accurate Fishing Main Seminar Stage. Check the schedules in WON, the show program or online at for specific seminar times.

Bill will also be appearing in the Fred Hall Preshow Seminar entitled “Surf Fishing From California to Baja”.  This seminar will take place before the show, from 11:00am to 1:00pm, on Friday March 6.  This seminar costs $35.00 and includes admission to the show through a private entrance.  Joining Bill will be the legendary Corey Sanden and Cabo surf fishing guru Wesley Brough.  You must buy your tickets online at  There are no on-site admission tickets.  Assemble by the CCA-CAL booth outside the show to be checked in.  Only 150 tickets available.

Bill is also the author of the best fishing calendar produced in our area.  The tidal information alone is worth the calendar.  He can tell you where to get it.

Bill Varney