Capt. David Bacon and Tiffany Vague to Educate and Entertain at Fred Hall Show

Cap_BaconLong-time charter boat owner /operator, Capt. David Bacon will be a guest speaker at the  upcoming Fred Hall Show.  His informative and entertaining seminars feature how-to information covering the basics to highly specialized techniques for catching more fish. Capt. David is a popular columnist writing regular articles in such publications as Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine, Sportfishing magazine, The Log, and others.  This year Capt. Bacon will be focused on Halibut methods and the common mistakes that anglers make.  He will be joined by his daughter, Tiffany Vague.

Captain Tiffany Vague is a US Coast Guard licensed captain, operating the family charter boat WaveWalker for her Dad, Capt. David Bacon. She also manages Hook, Line & Sinker fishing center in Santa Barbara, where she developed and manufactures her extensive line of Vague Custom Rods which features bleeding-edge technology and design for weaves such as skull & cutlasses, skull engulfed in flames, tribal hooks, dolphin, mermaid and many others. She serves as President for the Santa Barbara Chapter of Coastal Conservation Association – California. She has a soft spot in her heart for special needs people and serves as Programs & Events Manager for SOFTIN, Inc., which provides at-sea educational adventures for special-needs people. Outside of her busy work life, she is a wife and mother.

Captains Tiffany and David will be appearing daily on the Daiwa Saltwater Tank.