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Captain Bill Cavanaugh to Appear on the Accurate Fishing Products Main Seminar Stage

Bill Cavanaugh

Bill Cavanaugh began his sportfishing career as a teenager working on the ¾ day boat Monte Carlo out of Ventura Harbor under Captain Andy Volaski. Bill obtained his 100-ton Masters license in 1991 and began operating  boats that primarily fished the Northern Channel Islands.

In 1996, Bill began work aboard the long-range vessel Excel working under legendary Captain, and the “de facto” creator of the San Diego Fishing Fleet, Bill Poole. After 7 years of operating the world’s largest sportfishing vessel, Bill became owner/operator of the highly successful overnight boat Pacific Queen.

In 2012, Bill began work aboard the luxurious long-range boat Intrepid and is currently lead Captain. With extensive experience from Morro Bay to the Clipperton Atoll, Bill Cavanaugh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the finest long-range sportfishing vessel in the world.

Bill will be giving seminars on the Accurate Fishing Products Main Seminar Stage. He will be talking about the Long-range experience and the tactics used for catching long-range pelagic fish.  Bill is renowned as not only one of the most experienced long-range fleet captains but as a great communicator.  He is a very entertaining speaker.  Captain Cavanaugh does not do many seminars so take advantage of the opportunity to hear him speak about the long-range experience and long-range tackle and tactics.  Check out the Accurate Fishing Products Main Seminar Stage schedule in Western Outdoor News or at