Daiwa Sponsors the Saltwater Tank at the Fred Hall Shows

DaiwaFor the second year in a row Daiwa has become the major sponsor of the Fred Hall saltwater mobile aquarium.  This aquarium is always a very popular feature at the Fred Hall Shows.

The Fred Hall Shows have two kinds of aquariums.  Most shows do not have two kinds of aquariums.  Virtually all shows have a freshwater aquarium but the Fred Hall Shows, in conjunction with Dr. Larry Allen, manufactured a saltwater tank several years ago.   As far as we know it is the only mobile saltwater aquarium regularly seen at sports shows.  Even though the Fred Hall Shows built the tank they donated it back to the CSUN Marine Biology Department

The fish for the saltwater tank come from a different source. Dr. Larry Allen is in charge of the Nearshore Marine Institute at California State University Northridge.  Dr. Allen is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the fish off of our California Coast, especially here in Southern California.  He collects and loans a wide variety of “coastal” fish to the Fred Hall Show each year.  Once the show is over these fish are returned to their special pens that are managed by Larry’s students.

Over the years some of the finest anglers in the world have appeared on these tanks at the Fred Hall Shows.  This year will feature: Bobby Martinez; Steve Carson; Gerry Mahieu; Robert Schneider; Chad Gierlach; Frank Selby; Captain Tiffany Vague; Ruben Ortiz, Randy Toji; Tim Hatler; and Captain David Bacon.

These fine speakers will cover many topics including: “Gear and Tackle Preparation”, “Halibut Methods”, “Selecting the right Rods & Reels for Offshore Fishing”, “Modern Rock Fishing Methods”…and much more.  Many of the new Daiwa products will be featured including: the Tanacom 500 electric reel; the Saltist Star Drag Series of Reels; Lexa WN 300 and 400 reels; Proteus WN Rods; J-Braid Grand; and Mebachi popper lures.

Fred Hall and Associates wants to thank Daiwa for making this feature of the show possible.  Stop by this tank in the main Exhibit Hall at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show and learn something while having some fun .