Dave Hansen “Rocks” the Accurate Main Seminar Stage

Dave HansenSeveral years ago, I was listening to Let’s Talk Hook Up while driving in my car and Captain Dave Hansen was Pete Gray and Rock Cod Ric’s Guest speaker.  My wife, Ginny, was with me.  We listened for a while and she said, “this guy is a very good speaker and he makes fishing very entertaining”.  To this day, I listen to Let’s Talk Hook Up every weekend (though now, sometimes, I listen to the “archive” copies if I miss one).  Ginny hears me listening and sometimes she listens also.  However, the only time that I can guarantee that she will listen to the entire show is if Dave Hansen is speaking.

I subscribe to Dave’s website…yoursaltwaterguide@yahoo.com.  It is one of my favorite fishing websites.  Dave has populated the site with scores of interesting fishing videos.  All of them just about the perfect length.  He’ll tell you where to fish, how to fish, what time to fish, what equipment is optimum, what bait to use and, more importantly, he’ll tell you why.  Dave helps you become a better angler with this extensive series of videos.

Captain Dave Hansen is a 100 Ton USCG Master License holder.  He comes from a distinguished fishing family.  His father is the legendary Don Hansen.  Dave grew up at San Clemente Sport Fishing where his dad started his 70-year long career in the fishing industry.  His earliest memories are not of riding bikes with friends but of chasing bait around in the receiver.

Thirty something years later, after Captaining many of the local sport boats on the West Coast, private yachts and deliveries to Mexico and beyond, he is still loving what he does and doing what he loves.

In addition to his website Dave also runs Captain Dave’s Saltwater Guide Service. Dave is a CAPTAIN FOR HIRE that loves taking clients fishing on their own vesselsWith his extensive captain skills you have access to every bit of his fishing knowledge .

You can listen to Captain Dave Hansen talk fishing and boating on Let’s Talk Hookup Radio Show every Sunday between 8-8:15am!  Dave is the ONLY licensed guide in California.

In my opinion, Captain Dave’s website is the best fishing website on the market.

You can listen, and watch Captain Dave Hansen give many seminars at the upcoming Fred Hall Shows.  His seminars are wildly entertaining.  I always tell people, “when you go to a Dave Hansen seminar be sure your wear a helmet and a seatbelt….it’s a wild ride”.  Make time to see a Dave Hansen seminar while you are at the Fred Hall Shows…you’ll be very glad that you did.

You can contact Dave anytime at: 949-374-0786…or…yoursaltwaterguide@yahoo.com