The Fred Hall Shows have been an important part of the Fishing, Hunting, Boating, and Outdoor Recreation Travel community in Southern California for almost three-quarters of a century. The 74th annual Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center brought enormous joy to both exhibitors and attendees. Since then we have tried hard to produce the 44th annual Fred Hall Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Unfortunately due to the closure of the Del Mar Fairgrounds we are unable to keep our May dates and circumstances prevent us from being able to announce a firm new date at this time. We are determined to keep trying. Look for us to be back at the fairgrounds in the Fall. Stay updated at to find out more about “ Hall in the Fall”!

Fish Lab Releases Bio-Gill Line of Baits for 2020 at Hall Shows

Fish Lab Tackle is becoming known for its high-quality baits and lifelike swimming actions and this is no exception with the introduction of the Bio-Gill lineup of baits.

The Bio-Gill lineup consists of five individual families with swimbaits, wake baits and glide baits as well as two families of soft swimbaits. Each family of baits has its own unique styling and incredibly lifelike looks and swimming action.  “The goal of the Bio-Gill family was to create the best bluegill bait on the market,” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager.  “We developed the Bio-Gill family to fill a market-wide void on a quality bluegill bait for the hard- core fisherman.”

The Bio-Gill Hard Bait lineup consists of three individual families.  The Bio-Gill Swimbait, Bio-Gill Glide Bait and the Bio-Gill Wake Bait.

The Bio-Gill Swimbait is a three-piece, double-jointed bait with a lifelike swimming action designed as a search bait to cover water on a steady retrieve as well as rod twitch and pauses.  Available in both 4” and 5” sizes, these baits feature a slow sink action and are available in five forage matching colors.

Blue gill BGS-4-DB-02

The Bio-Gill Glide Bait is a two-piece, single-jointed bait designed to swim with a wide glide and to be fished with rod twitches and pauses to induce big, erratic side to side darting action.  Available in 4” and 5” sizes, these baits come in a slow sink action and the 5” is also available in a suspending action. All are available in five forage matching colors.

The Bio-Gill Wake Bait is a three-piece, double-jointed bait that features a high floating action that produces a big wake at slow or medium retrieve.  It also excels on slow steady retrieve or fast stop and go retrieves.  The low clacking action calls big feeding fish to the surface to investigate an easy meal.  This bait is available in 4” and 5” sizes and is available in five forage matching colors.

The Bio-Gill Soft Bait lineup consists of two individual families.  The Soft Bio-Gill Weedless Swimbait and the Soft Bio-Gill Bluegill Swimbait. The Soft Bio-Gill Weedless Swimbait is designed with a deep belly cavity for better hook clearance out of the top of the bait for an easy bite down and more hook ups.  The T-Tail design starts kicking the instant that the bait comes through cover and kicks on slow or fast retrieves.  Available in 3 5/8” and 4 5/8” these baits are great for skipping under over hanging trees or docks and you can fish the heaviest of cover.  The 3 5/8” is designed to fish on a 6/0 corkscrew weighted hook and the 4 5/8” is designed to fish on a 10/0 corkscrew weighted hook. The Soft Bio-Gill Bluegill Swimbait is a pre-rigged soft bodied swimbait that comes in 4” and 5” sizing and five forage matching colors.  The T-Tail design has the same great kicking action on slow or fast retrieve.  A specially designed jig hook decreases downward angle of the hook. The sinking action of this bait is designed to fish from three to twelve feet deep. Check it out at the Okuma booth at the Fred Hall Shows.