The Fred Hall Shows have been an important part of the Fishing, Hunting, Boating, and Outdoor Recreation Travel community in Southern California for almost three-quarters of a century. The 74th annual Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center brought enormous joy to both exhibitors and attendees. Since then we have tried hard to produce the 44th annual Fred Hall Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Unfortunately due to the closure of the Del Mar Fairgrounds we are unable to keep our May dates and circumstances prevent us from being able to announce a firm new date at this time. We are determined to keep trying. Look for us to be back at the fairgrounds in the Fall. Stay updated at to find out more about “ Hall in the Fall”!

Jonathan Roldan’s Tailhunter International

Jacque Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the “Aquarium of the World” and La Paz has been called it’s gateway!  The “Port of Magic” is often overlooked compared to more storied and advertised destinations like Cabo San Lucas, the East Cape and Loreto on the Baja peninsula, but once it’s visited, it’s rarely forgotten and visitors consider it a hidden jewel.   Unlike so many other places, La Paz retains it’s old-world charm with cobblestone streets, deserted beaches and a slower more leisurely pace.  Locals like to say it’s “tourist friendly” not “touristy!”

For 23 years, Jonathan Roldan has owned and operated Tailhunter International Sportfishing Fleet.  He came down to visit on a year-hiatus and more than 2 decades later, he’s still there!  Joined by his wife, Jilly, the two run the #1 rated Trip Advisor operation in the city with two full-time fleets of pangas.  They are full-service outfitters and can handle complete vacation packages for fishermen, families and friends including fishing, lodging, transportation, daily activities such as scuba, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks and more!


The unique waters of the Sea of Cortez around La Paz are ideal for pangas which were initially invented, designed and produced by Americans right in La Paz specifically for these waters.  This is big game fishing without having to run big-game distances!  Fishing for even the largest species like marlin, sailfish, tuna, dorado and giant rooster fish are close to shore…sometimes within yards of the beach.  No long boat rides.  You are never out of sight of land!  No long days of trolling or traveling.  This is live and dead bait fishing so this is much more pro-active.  You’re the one fishing, not the boat!  The calm inshore waters are ideal especially for families and first-timers since the waters are largely protected, but offering spectacular fishing action.

The two Tailhunter Sportfishing Fleets offer a wide variety of options.  One fleet fishes north from town towards Espirito Santo Island.  Great for dorado, billfish, yellowtail and amberjack.  The other Tailhunter fleet launches from Bahia de los Muertos (Buenos) and fishes the legendary waters of Las Arenas and Cerralvo Island, where so many world-records have been set and named the “Roosterfish Capital of the World” where world-class roosters over 100 pounds can be caught.

The diversity of the two fleets means that anglers coming to La Paz really get to fish two distinct destinations offering the best conditions and best options to catch many more species of fish!  Veterans and novices alike have the abilities to catch several dozen different species and sometimes you really don’t know what types of species you’ll run into.


In addition to their fishing fleets, Jonathan and Jill also run their Tailhunter Restaurant Bar, a top-rated eatery right on the waterfront in La Paz.  With 3 floors of open-air palapa overlooking the waterfront, it’s a traditional gathering spots for fishermen and visitors to eat, drink, have their fish cooked up, watch sports and listen to live music.

Tailhunter Sportfishing invites you to come visit.  We’re looking forward to it!  Stop by and see us at the Fred Hall Shows.