Okuma Makes a Special Release of New Products at Fred Hall Show

Okuma has honored the Fred Hall Shows by introducing the new Alijos 2-Speed Lever Drag reels at the show.  Instead of the traditional release at the annual international fishing tackle show, Okuma decided to introduce this special product directly to Southern California anglers.

Makaira-MK-30SEa-TBSThese over-built lever drag reels are designed for big fish stopping power and will be a great addition to any fisherman’s arsenal.  The Alijos 2-speed Lever Drag reels are a lightweight, compact bodied big fish stopping machine.  This reel is built from 6061-T6 machined aluminum for the ultimate in strength.  The one-piece frame continues around to the non-handle side plate which has a magnetic cast control for precision spool control.  The Alijos reels feature a longer 90mm handle arm and an oversized T-bar handle knob for great torque and comfort.  The clicker mechanism has been reworked to give a louder clicking sound for trolling or dead-stick applications.  The new 2-speed shifting mechanism has been completely reworked by Okuma giving it the ultimate in shifting.  The DFD (Dual Force Drag) puts out tremendous drag pressure with its 100% larger drag plates.

“We are very excited about the release of the new Alijos reels,” states John Bretza, Director of product development.  “With all of the big fish around over the past couple of seasons, we wanted to design the perfect lightweight yet powerful reel for the everyday angler.”

Okuma is also making some changes to their Makaira Reels that have been landing big fish for a full decade.  For the 10th anniversary of the Maikaira, Okuma is introducing the new Special Edition, 3-tone Anodized Makaira Reels in limited quantities.  Makaira Reels are well established in the long-range market.  The special edition reels are specifically designed for the rigors and specifics of the long-range fisherman.  “We wanted to do something totally different and make a statement for the 10-year anniversary,” said John Bretza.  “This reel will definitely stand out amongst a rail full of similar looking reels.AJ-12NSII.01.01

On the freshwater side the Okuma family of Ceymar spinning reels has become a dominant player in the trout fishing market.  The Ceymar family of reels are constructed of a corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor and feature a machined aluminum 2-tone anodized spool and aluminum handle design.  The Japanese oiled felt drag washers keep your drag smooth and flawless.  The micro-sized 500 Ceymar Baitfeeder is the smallest and lightest baitfeeder on the market coming in at just 6.7oz.  The On/Off auto trip bait feeding system has near zero resistance when in the on position allowing fish to freely take your bait without the resistance of standard drag, or the feel of a line weight.  The 500 Ceymar Baitfeeder utilizes a computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System that Okuma has dubbed RESII.  This system keeps your reel balanced and running smoothly.

Stop by the Okuma booth at the Fred Hall Shows and test drive all of their outstanding products…old and new.